Meet the Team

Andrea Ducharne

Andrea Ducharne

Underwriting & Marketing Coordinator

Andrea is responsible for FLAH & COMPANY's in-house underwriting process, including negotiating for the best risk class on behalf of our clients. She also coordinates all of our marketing initiatives. Andrea graduated from Clearwater Christian College, with Bachelor of Science in Biology and a minor in Psychology.

She became an underwriter for New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. She quickly became ranked in the top 5 group of underwriters and gained the position of Senior Underwriter. Andrea's diligence and attention to detail positioned her to be hand selected for piloting new software, which led her to be one of two trainers for the entire underwriting department.

Andrea loves the challenge that underwriting brings. She enjoys interacting with clients to gather the information and obtain records, along with, negotiating with the carriers to help ensure the best possible risk class. Andrea enjoys securing the best class, to give our clients the confidence, knowing that they are using their valuable earnings in an appropriate way.

Andrea also has a passion for clearly communicating the purpose of FLAH & COMPANY through the marketing materials she creates. She enjoys sharing the firm’s passion for helping clients build, manage and preserve their wealth, to inspire others to become passionate for this as well.

Andrea and her husband are passionate about living in the moment. They enjoy being outside, traveling with their families, exploring art galleries and museums, and supporting local businesses.

  • Born: Stratford, New Jersey
  • Unique Ability: Turns complex concepts into a succinct deliverable plan
  • Favorite Sports Team: Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Something you may not know about Andrea: She is a certified recreational scuba diver who has traveled the world with her family, exploring the world under the sea.