FlahCo P.M.C.

Policy Management Company

Providing policy owners and co-professionals with reassurance that polices are being properly managed and monitored, just like every other asset in their portfolio. Far too often what people bought is not what they thought; at FlahCo P.M.C. we ensure policy performance is monitored whether we wrote the policy or not. Having reviewed billions of dollars of insurance, FlahCo PMC has a national reputation for ingenuity and independent insight.

  • How long has it been since your policy was professionally reviewed?
    • If improved, we may be able to lower your expenses onexisting policy
    • If worse, we may be able to recommend reducing premiums to match your current situation
  • Have you had a change in health?
  • What is the current financial strength of you current lifeinsurance carrier?
  • Have you received a premium notice with higher premiums than originally projected?
  • Have your objectives changed for the use of this policy?