What We Do.

Our FLAH & COMPANY team specializes in the creation of customized life insurance solutions for ultra high net worth families and family offices. We have been working collaboratively with the nation’s top attorneys, CPAs, and investment advisors for over 30 years. We offer a variety of services to help achieve your success.

Estate Planning

Far too often Estate Planning means nothing more than providing liquidity to pay potential estate taxes. In its true form, the art of Estate Planning encompasses far more than calculating a tax bill. At Flah & Company, we can help you identify insurance products that can be used not only in estate planning but also in the rest of your vision for the legacy you leave behind for your family and society as a whole.

Wealth Transfer

You have worked hard to reach a significant level of success. But what will happen when your assets are ultimately passed on to the next generation? Our team of experts can help with tax efficient gifting programs, trusts, annuity arbitrage, charitable giving, and countless other unique strategies to meet planning goals, such as avoiding probate and reducing estate taxes


The proper use of insurance products and investment vehicles to round out your overall financial plan are important in an increasingly complex environment. We work closely with you along with your investment advisors, legal and tax professionals to identify solutions that carefully match your risk portfolio.

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Business/Succession Planning

Whether the plan is to keep the business in the family, pass it to a key employee or sell it on the open market, proper planning is critical to identify potential buyers, realize a fair market value and protect you as the surviving owner(s). The questions of how to structure and fund the agreement are essential aspects of this process and are frequently given too little attention until it is too late. Our team, alongside your key advisors, work to efficiently manage your protection, employee retention and the transfer of the company to the new ownership structure.

Income Replacement

Income Replacement has become a diverse collection of tools to guard against a myriad of potential disruptions to not only your income but also the asset that underlies that income.  What would happen to your lifestyle if you were sick or hurt for a year or more and could not work? This risk can be mitigated, and our team can help guide you through the process of evaluating all of the tools at our disposal.

Long-Term Care Insurance

As one of the most significant risks to net worth, planning for long-term care expenses is a critical part of the planning process today. With nearly 70% of adults 65 years and older needing an average of two or more years of care coupled with the rapid rise in long-term care costs and the corresponding cost of insurance coverage, this creates a perfect storm of both risk and opportunity. Our experts assist you in developing risk management strategies that provide a balance between having adequate coverage and the cost of the coverage.

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Policy Review

Our Policy Review and Optimization (“PRO”) process evaluates the continued suitability and performance of both the insurance carrier and the policy. We affirm that your client’s life insurance is still in alignment with their needs and personal objectives.

From discussing your estate options to reviewing its longevity, FLAH & COMPANY is here to guide you, monitor your insurance policy in West Palm Beach, and ensure that it remains on track. So, let us handle the details! Contact us at FLAH & COMPANY to learn more about how you can plan for your or your client’s future.