Meet the Team

Hannah Flah

Hannah Flah

Administrative Assistant

Hannah has been working at Flah & Company part-time for years.  She has now joined our team full-time and is primarily an accounting assistant to Trish.  Hannah contacts carriers for needed items related to commissions, handles much of the purchasing, fills in on the phones as needed and handles other projects any of the team needs.

Hannah graduated from Lynn University in Boca Raton in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Digital Arts.  She worked at several retail and online outfits as a sales rep and assisted in digital marketing at those companies. The start of the pandemic closed her retail opportunities and brought her to Flah & Company full time.  A pandemic bonus for Flah & Company!

A native Floridian, Hannah knows much about our area and, of course, the Orlando area.  She can determine the best hotel/tickets package for any of the Orlando area parks!  She also enjoys crafts including soap-making, crafting resin soap dishes to match the soaps and crocheting.  Anyone who meets Hannah will remark at her cheerful disposition and amazing smile!

  • Born: Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • Unique Ability: Hannah has the unique ability to find positives where most people can’t.
  • Favorite Sports Team: Boston Red Sox & Miami Heat.
  • Something you may not know about Hannah: Hannah is a mental health advocate who strives to spread awareness and knowledge to help promote a safe place and foster support for mental well-being in her community.