Wills and Estates Palm Beach County | Things to Consider when making an Estate Plan

June 11, 2019

Having an estate plan will help your loved ones get through one of the most difficult times in their lives. It will guide them on how to handle your wills and estates Palm Beach County and move forward in life with ease and comfort. If you want to free your loved ones from any hassle and worries once you’re gone, here are some things to consider when making an estate plan:


A will can help guide your loved ones and your attorney carry out your last wishes according to how you want them to be. There stated will be the specific person or persons to whom you’re leaving your wills and estates Palm Beach County. If you haven’t made one, seek the advice of both legal and financial experts to help draft your will.

Living Will

Nobody wants to end up in a vegetative state requiring life support. But if it does happen, it is important to have a living will. A living will specifies your requests for end of life care.

Power of Attorney

When making an estate plan, it is important to assign someone who has your power of attorney. This person can make decisions on your behalf when you are unavailable or unable to do so. Their powers extend to signing legal documents and handling legal and financial matters.


If you have kids, it is important to consider guardianship as a part of your will. Deciding on who will take care of your children in the event of you or your wife’s demise is important to make sure that they are well taken cared of despite your absence.  

Revocable Trust

A revocable or living trust specifies who your heirs are. They will be the ones to receive all your assets upon your death. But until that day comes, you still have full control of your belongings and properties.  

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Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain in life. That is why having an estate plan for your wills and estates Palm Beach County is important to give you and your loved ones peace of mind no matter what happens. Get the advice you deserve from experts at Flah & Company. Call us today for any inquiry or visit our website!